Tuesday, August 14, 2012

My First Post

Okay, everyone who might stumble upon this site-or those who were suggested, this is my first fanfic cite EVER.  So PLEASE don't bomb on my bad grammar, or misspellings.


So, as you all know this is my first site, so please hang on with me. Anyway... I will write about anything that you request, but since no-one will stumble upon this site for awhile I will write about what comes to me.

When I say I will write about EVERYTHING I mean EVERYTHING. If you request a one-shot about someone in One Direction, then I will write about it.

These one-shots will either be:

  • Romantic
  • Sexual (They will be different from romantic)
  • Playful
  • Yaoi (It is for Man on Man action, sometimes purely sexual banter)
  • Angst-y
  • Dramatic
  • Crime (The person who the one-shot is about will either be in a crime or witness a crime)
  • Friendship Oriented 
  • General (If it is a pop star or something like, it will be a normal day in the life of said person.)
The genres mentioned above can be suspenseful or they can have a happy-ish ending, whichever you choose. I will later post a request form that you can fill out and submit to me. I will set up an email specifically for this site. That will also be posted on this site later, also there will be a separate form for anime, books, and comics. The other form will be from movies, cartoons, musicals/plays, tv shows, games, and real-life people.